ULB Type Glass Level Gauge

ULB Type glass level gauge is a local indicating instrument produced according to the principle of connector. The medium in the container was led to the glass level gauge, and the actual height of level can be read from the transparent glass. Cylinder type glass level gauge is a large-diameter glass level gauge, which is suitable for medium with high viscosity or strong bubbles. For low-temperature medium, glass level gauge can use anti-frost fins. Using the temperature gradient principle, add anti-frost fins on both sides of the window, and observe the liquid level through the anti-frost fins.

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    1.Glass level gauge are all installed with safety steel balls. If the glass level gauge breaks accidentally, under the effect of the pressure difference, the steel ball seals the valve port, blocking the passage of the medium into the glass level gauge

    2.The glass level gauge can realize the measurement of high temperature, high pressure, high temperature and high pressure working conditions.

    3.When the medium is vapor, alkali liquor, and PH>7, add mica pads between the glass plate and the sealing pad to protect the glass plate from corrosion by the medium.

Main Technical Parameters

Measurement range: (center to center distance L) 500mm,800mm,1100mm,1400mm,1700mm or on request.
Visible range H: type with blind zone L-250;type without blind zone H≥L   

Nominal pressure: ≤32MPa    

Medium temperature: ≤450℃ 

Needle valve automatic closing pressure: ≥0.3MPa

Wetted material: 20, 304, 316 or on request

Non-wetted material: carbon steel

Glass material: borosilicate glass, aluminum borosilicate glass, aluminum silicon glass, alkali resistant glass, according to the working conditions or on request.
Vapor jacket joint: R3/8 (external thread) or on request.

Heat tracing vapor pressure: ≤1.0MPa

Flange standard: HG/T20592-2009,HG/T20615-2009 or on request.


Refining: Catalytic cracking, acid-containing precipitation tank, hydrocracking, hydrodesulfurization, coking unit, crude oil desalination, sulfur recovery, catalytic reforming

Natural gas: Light hydrocarbon recovery


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