DDTOP Group Participates In the Drafting of National Level and Flow Transmitters, Promoting High-Quality Development of the Industry


On October 17-18, 2023, the National Industrial Process Measurement Control and Automation Standardization Technical Committee held the second meeting of the drafting working group for level and flow transmitters and the sixth plenary session of the committee in Hangzhou. The agenda of the meeting includes four national standard reviews and two national standard drafting. Experts, professors, and well-known entrepreneurs from the instrument and meter industry from all over the country attended the conference, and Mrs. Zhang, General Manager of DDTOP Group, was also invited to attend.

The industry has rules to follow, and “standards” promote the steady development of domestic instruments.

Since its establishment in 1992, DDTOP Group has been actively involved in the formulation and implementation of national standards. DDTOP has participated in drafting multiple Chinese national and international standards for level gauges, target flow meters, V-cone flow meters, wedge flow meters, and other products, and has obtained more than 100 national patents. Thanks to years of long-term technical accumulation dedicated to standardization work, DDTOP Group’s intelligent manufacturing level of products has been greatly improved, the market share has repeatedly reached new highs. As a leading enterprise in the domestic instrument industry, DDTOP Group will continue to promote the development and application of national standards for intelligent instruments and meters, providing better standardized products and services for industry customers.