DDTOP Group Participated in the National Level Transmitter Standards Conference


On September 21-22, 2023, the first meeting of the drafting working group and drafting working group for four national standards, including the “Reference Conditions and Procedures for Testing Industrial Process Measurement Transmitters – Part 4: Specific Procedures for Level Transmitters”, was held in Chengde, consisting of the National Industrial Process Measurement Control and Automation Standardization Technical Committee, the Control Instruments and Devices, and the Industrial Control Computer System Subcommittee.

This meeting was attended by dozens of expert representatives from national research institutes, measurement and testing institutions, and leading enterprises in automation instruments and meters. At the meeting, representatives from all participants had a thorough discussion on the standard technical content. The attending experts reached a basic consensus on the key technical content involved in the standard and determined the main content of the draft standard. Mr. Guo, Chief Engineer of the R&D Center of DDTOP Group, was invited to participate in this standard drafting meeting.

In the future, DDTOP Group will practice the concept of technological development, committed to promoting the development of the automation instrument and meter industry, and contribute its own strength to the industry and society.