As a designated brand instrument for the competition, DDTOP displacer level transmitter helps the competition to be a complete success!


The National Instrument Skills Competition officially began from September 18th to 22nd, 2023. This competition was hosted by China National Petroleum Corporation and entrusted to Liaoyang Petrochemical Branch. A total of 41 companies and nearly 300 instrument engineers gathered in Liaoyang to participate. As the venue of the competition, the Mechanical and Electrical Instrument Training Center of Liaoyang Petrochemical Company is one of the first batch of demonstration training bases for cultivating highly skilled talents in China and one of the 16 key training bases of PetroChina. DDTOP Group has independently developed displacer level transmitter and has been designated by the organizing committee as a dedicated brand instrument for this competition!

DDTOP independently develops a domestically produced ZTD displacer level transmitter, which can handle a maximum temperature of 450 ℃, a minimum temperature of -196 ℃, and a nominal pressure of 42.0MPa. It is comparable to similar international products and has obtained multiple international certifications such as IECEx/ATX/CSA/CRN/SIL/PED/HART/EAC. Domestic sales have replaced imported high-pressure displacer level transmitter and replaced imported products. The sales of international products in the Middle East and Russia have been increasing year by year.

Big Country Craftsman is not only a slogan, but also DDTOP Group’s continuous exploration of the future through practical experience, allowing DDTOP’s own brand to lead the market and the future!